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Bill Hannan, Matthew Donno welcome you to Manhasset!

 President’s Letter 2022   


The Manhasset Chamber of Commerce welcomes both new residents and old friends.  Our Chamber’s mission is to inspire local commerce, and help our businesses succeed.  We know where commercial activity is found, ideas are exchanged.  This shared economic activity helps us all grow.

Co-President Matthew Donno and I are grateful for our entire Board, who has initiated positive ideas to help our community.  Last year with the spirited effort of  Vice President Antonietta Manzi we embarked upon Manhasset Al Fresco.  This involved closing Plandome Road with the help of the Town of North Hempstead, and allowing local restaurants to serve outside.  Other businesses were able to display their crafts as well.  Our goal was to increase foot traffic and help businesses regain footing after the challenges of the pandemic.  We will continue al fresco this year which will further connect the businesses to the community. One way we plan on doing this is with a brand new Chamber Website as Matthew Calls it a “digital Main street” furthering the connection of all organizations, businesses and residents of the community. 

Lastly, another main goal of the Chamber is to coordinate and maintain the physical beauty of Manhasset.  Fellow Chamber members have helped a great deal with things like planters and hanging pots to ensure they are presentable and maintained.  We hope to put our best cosmetic foot forward and feel that aesthetics can help bring residents out to shop and explore. Our relationship with the Town of North Hempstead, Nassau County, the Manhasset Library and the Greater Council of Manhasset is vital to our success.  These relationships will impact our future.

Manhasset is a diverse community with a highly educated population.  Many of our resident’s commute into New York City.  Our High School, among the highest ranked academically in New York State, has fantastic athletic achievement as well.  The varied levels of success of our residents, both children and adults, inspires the Chamber to drive positive change.  We will meet this challenge.   We are one community and as we help each other succeed we make the future brighter for our children.  At the end of the day, our effort is about our children.  We want them to be safe, and we want them to prosper.  Our goal in 2022 is to drive prosperity.  Join us in that calling.  Join us to serve each other.

Bill Hannan and Matthew Donno, Co-Presidents

Manhasset Chamber of Commerce

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